Edmond Shepey (d.1509) – Last Will and Testament (Transcript)

Arms of Shepey:
Azure a cross or fretty gules

Edmond Shepey’s last will and testament was written on 25th May 1509 and probate was granted on 23rd November of the same year.  He bequeaths his property to his wife, Anne Shirley, during her lifetime, to revert to his rightful heir on her death.  Following an inquest post-mortem Edmond’s manor at Smisby as well as other property passed to the Kendall family through the marriage of his sister, Margaret, to Bartholomew Kendall.

A copy of the last will and testament is available through the National Archive in Kew, London.  It is record PROB 11/16/571 and is under the Bennett register of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions.

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The below transcript has been completed as written, with spellings and grammar uncorrected to modern English.

  1. in dei nomine amen The xxvth day of May. The yere of our lord god mfvcfix I Edmond Shepey Esquier
  2. beyng in hole mynde and sounde memory make ordayn and declare this my present testament and last will in maner Ir fourme
  3. folowing ffirst I bequeth my solue to almighty god and to his blissed moder our lady seynt mary and to all the holy seynts And
  4. my body to be buried in the church of the priory of Bredon / And my best house beyng in thesame pisshe at the tyme of my decesse
  5. for my principall / And I will that all my dette Be fully content Ir paid wthout dycrimncon / And I will that Anne my wif
  6. have and enioye to her owne use all my lands and tente rente reversione and surcs medowes leased and pasture woods warter
  7. mylnes and other myn hereditaments wth th appurtenance in Smythesby in the countie of Derbye Swethland Browneshey lo=
  8. therworth Bettyswell ffrolesworth kylinecoke / mekyll shepey in the countie of leycs mekyll amengton Ir litell amengton
  9. in the countie of warxs for terme of her lif wthout pechement of wast / And after the decesse of thesame Anne then I will that
  10. sir henry willoughby and other my coffeoffers shall alyeme and sell all my lands and tente and other hereditaments in
  11. Swethland / And wth the money that they shall preyve for thesame that they will vouchsave to Bye and purchace
  12. other lands and tente to the yerely value of xxli / And therof make or cause to be made A sufficient and lawfull estate
  13. to Edward Shepey my bastard son for trme of his life / the Reversion therof to my right heire for ever / Also I will that aft
  14. the decesse of thesaid Anne thesaid feoffez shall make or cause to Be made to John Kendall my sisters son A sufficent and
  15. lawfull estate of lands and tente to the yerely value of xls. for trme of his lif The Reversion therof to my right heire for ever/
  16. and also I will that my said feoffez after the decesse of thesaid Anne shall ffond and Be seased of the Reversion of the residue
  17. of all thesaid lands and tente and other hereditamente to the use of my right heire for ever / Also I will that thesaid Anne
  18. shall synde to thesaid Edward and John mete Ir drynk and clothes / according to there degree durng the lif of thesame
  19. Anne they doynot to her convenyent synce / Also I will that thesaid Anne shall fynde an honest preest to syng for
  20. my soule and the soules of the anncesters of me and of the same Anne / three or fowre yeres aft her mynde / And I will tht
  21. Sir Rauff Shurley Knyght have the best fysshepole in Smythesby / wth all the fysshe in the same duryng his life / And I beqth
  22. to the churche of the priory of Bredon vis vijd. And to the Cathedrall church of Lincoln xxd / And to the church of vliescroste
  23. vjs vijd / And to the church of Repington vjs vijd. And to the church of Swetheland ij kye / And to the church off
  24. Rotheley vjs iijd. And to the church of thurkaston vjs iijd. And to the Chappell of woodhous vijs iijd. And to the
  25. Chapell of mountsorell vjs vijd. And to St James Smythbye vijd And to Richard Shirley my brother in law A
  26. yoke of oxen / And to hugh latymer A yoke of Bulloks. And to my suster margaret Kendall a kowe / And the residue of all
  27. my goods and catalls not bequithed I geve and Bequeth to thesame Anne / And I make and ordeyne thesaid Sir Rauff Shurley
  28. and Anne myn executours / In witness wherof to tis my prsent writtnt of my testament and last will I have setto
  29. my seale / three wittnes Sir Henry Shurley parson of the church of Braylisford Nicolhas Shurley gent willin Oker gent
  30. Jamys Smyth Chapleyn Thomas mower and other moo I

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