Henry Kendall of Snibston (d.1592) – Last Will and Testament (Transcript)

Last will and testament of Henry Kendall of Snibston.

The last will and testament of Henry Kendall, the son an heir of George Kendall, was written on 14 September 1592 and gained probate on 3 November, of the same year.  The executors are named as Henry Beaumont of Coleorton, Leicestershire and Alexander Reddish of Reddish, Lancaster.  Henry also appoints a supervisor, named as Alexander Barlowe of Barlowe, Lancaster.


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[Margin] Henrie Kendall

[Line 1] In the name of god amen The fouerteenthe daie of September one thousande five

[Line 2] hundredth & ninetie twoe I Henrie Kendall of Snibston in the parishe of Packington in the countie

[Line 3] of leics esquire doe make and ordaine this my laste will and testamente in manner and forme following

[Line 4] viz ffirste I give and bequeathe my soule to god allmightie my creator assuminge my solfe to be saved

[Line 5) by his sonn Iesus Christe my Redemer and my bodie to be buried without anie pompe or solempnitie

[Line 6] in the parishe church of Smithbie in the countie of Derbie nexte unto the bodie of Elinoir my wiefe

[Line 7] latelie deceased by the discretcon of my Exequitors hereafter named.  Also I give and bequeath

[Line 8] unto Henrie Kendall my sonn and to his heires for a thirde parte and more of all my landes tenemete

[Line 9] and heriditamentes whatsoever, my maner of Smithesbie in the said countie of derbie, And

[Line 10] all those my landes tenementes and hereditaments in norton by Twycros in the countie of –

[Line 11] Leics. Also I give and bequeathe all the reste of my landes tenementes rented & heriditamente

[Line 12] whatsoever Excepte my saide maner of Smithesbie and those my landes in norton aforesaide

[Line 13] unto my exequitors hereafter named towards the performance of this my last will and –

[Line 14] testemente and the educacon of my twoe younger children unto the full ende and forme of

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[Line 1] nineteene yeeres nexte after my decease And I committ my sonn Thomas Kendall and Katherine

[Line 2] kendall my daughter to the custodie and bringinge up of mine Exequetors hereafter expressed

[Line 3] to be broughte up in lerninge and godlie manners untill the ende and expiration of the saide

[Line 4] terme of nineteen yeares  And then I will and bequeathe unto my saide sonn Thomas ann

[Line 5] annuitie of twentie pounds by the yeere of good and lawfull monies of Englande duringe his

[Line 6] naturall life issuing or gonige oute of my landes tenementes and hereditamets in –

[Line 7] Swithland in the said countie of Leics to be yeerelie paid of the feaste daies of St

[Line 8] Michael the archangel and the annunciacon of St Marie the virgin by even porcoune

[Line 9] Th aforsie paimente thereof to be made at suche of the said feastes as shall firste happen

[Line 10] after the expiracon of the said nineteene yeeres.  Item I give and bequeathe unto my

[Line 11] saide daughter katherine the somme of one thousand marks of good and lawfull money

[Line 12] of Engelande to be paide unto her at suche time as she shall accomplishe the age of

[Line 13] twentie one yeeres or at the daie of her marriage wch shall firste happen aftery prime

[Line 14] Wheareof, I will my saide Exequitors shalbe noe further charged with theasaidinge And

[Line 15] if it happen my saide daughter katherine to decease before her saide age of twentie one –

[Line 16] years or the daie of her marriage ; Then I will that my exequitor shall paie one

[Line 17] hundred poundes of her saide porcon unto my said sonn Thomas within one month after

[Line 18] the expiracon of the saide terme of twentie one yeeres  And the resideuoe of her saide

[Line 19] porcon to goe to the benefite of my saide sonn and hiere.  Item I give and bequeathe unto

[Line 20] my saide sonn Thomas over and above the saide hundred poundes, one hundred poundes

[Line 21] more to be paide unto him within one monthe nexte after the expiration of the saide terme

[Line 22] of nineteene yeeres.  Item I give and bequeathe unto my sonn and heire, all my plate and

[Line 23] household stuffe whatsoever. Item I give and bequeathe unto my said daughter katherine all suche

[Line 24] Jewells and ornamentes of pearle or goldsmithed worke as are mine or weart my wives

[Line 25] at the time of her decease. Item I will that my exequitors shall tenure the esfate of –

[Line 26] the tenementes of those landes wch I have or had of the dimense of Thomas Lillie linuge

[Line 27] in Smithebeie aforesaide for a reasonable time, to be asseased at the discrecon of mine

[Line 28] exequitors to have and to holde to them untill suche time as my sonn and heire shall

[Line 29] accomplishe his full age of twentie one yeeres excepte suche of those landes as are

[Line 30] in the tenure or occupacon of one George Peares or of his assigne or assigned by

[Line 31] saide laste menconed landes so excepted  I will and Bequeathe unto my servannte ffrancis

[Line 32] Thorpe to have and to hold immediatelie from and after the expiracon of suche terme

[Line 33] or ritereste as the said George Peares or his assignes have of and in the same wutie

[Line 34] suche time as my saide sonn and heire shall accomplishe the age of twentie one yeeres, paienge

[Line 35] suche accustaned rente as the saide George Peares now paiethe or aughte to paie

[Line35] for the same.  Item I give and bequeathe unto my servant George Lyill the summ of

[Line 36] five poundes. Item I give and bequeathe unto my brother William Kendall, all that my

[Line 37] farme in twycros in the said countie of Leics now in the occupation of him or of his assignes

[Line 38] for the terme of twentie and one yeeres to begin from and immediatelie after my decease

[Line 39] paienge yeerlie thearafre the somm of fouer pounds thirteene shilliniges fouer pence at the

[Line 40] feaste of St Michaell tharchangell and the annunciacon of the belessed virgin St Marie by

[Line 41] even parcons.  Item I give and bequeathe unto my saide brother the somm of fortie pounds –

[Line 42] of good and lawfull monies of England fouer of my milche kine, my greie cackinge mare

[Line 43] my furth best bed with the furniture and the one halfe of all my sheepe.  Item I give-

[Line 44] and bequeathe to my sister margarett kendall the somm of fortie poundes of good & lawfull

[Line 45] monies of Englande in full paimente and satisfaccon of all debtes and legacies whatsoever

[Line 46] wch shee maie claime in anie manaer of wife of me or mine heires wch debtes & legacies

[Line 47] doe amonute onlie to the somm of twentie marks or theareabouts as I take ye the saide –

[Line 48] Magarett making unto mine exequitors a general acquittance uppon the paimente-

[Line 49] Theareof.  Item I bequeathe unto my saide sister fauer of my milche kine, and the other

[Line 50] halfe of all my sheepe. Item I give and bequeathe unto Ellin Grundey my servannte the

[Line 51] somm of fortie shillinges over and above the wages oue unto her. Item I give & bequeathe

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[Line 1] to everie one of my servanntes not before rembred in this my will one halfe yeeres wages in wedie

[Line 2] moneie over and besides all suche wages as shalbe due unto them at the time of my decease. Item

[Line 3] I give and bequeathe unto Margaret Eliott  widowe the som of twentie five shillinges eighte pence

[Line 4] to be yeerelie paide unto her duringe her naturall liefe and to be founde and pepte duringe thesaide

[Line 5] time by mine exequitors  And the resideuoe of all my goodes and chattells not before bequeathed

[Line 6] in this my will I give and bequeathe unto Henrie Beamonte of coldorton in the saide countie

[Line 7] of Leic esquire and Alexander Raddishe of Raddishe in the countie of Lancasher esquire to the

[Line 8] performance of this my laste will and testamente wch saide Henrie Beamonte and Alexander

[Line 9] Radishe I make my full and lawfull exequitors of this my laste will and testemente.  Item I make

[Line 10] and ordanie Alexander Barlowe of Barlowe in the saide countie lancaster esquire super

[Line 11] visor and werseer of this my laste will and testamente. In vitues wheareof I have hereunto –

[Line 12] pret my hande and seale the daie and yeere firste about written. Henrie Kendall. Read, Sealed

[Line 13] and subscribed in the puce of Henrie Duporte, Willim Barwell, William Kendall, ffrancis

[Line 14] Cave.

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