Taylor is obviously a common surname deriving from the occupation. The earliest identified ancestor in this branch of the Taylor family is Mark Taylor of Bristol who was born in 1797 and passed away in Ledbury 1879.  There are family links to Australia and criminal records show that it is possible Mark Taylor was sentenced to seven years transportation for theft, however if these records are his he served his sentence on the prison hulk Leviathan in Portsmouth.  Other family members have had their brushes with the law and the Taylor’s seem to have spread out as travelling salesmen across Somerset, Devon and the west country.


Although it may be apocryphal, it is probable that the Taylor’s originally came from the Irish travelling community.  There are family stories and pictures relating to the travelling side of the family and the occupations of hawker and  “Marine Store Dealer” appear frequently throughout the family history.  It was relatively common in the 18th and 19th centuries for Irish travellers to pick a common English surnames and give there children typical English names in order to be assimilated into the communities in which they settled.  The Taylor’s appear to fit this profile.