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Memorial to William Kendall – Smisby Church

St James’ Smisby


Laid into the wall of St James’ Church, Smisby is an alabaster stone memorial to William Kendall and his wife Anne. The memorial is quite damaged and worn, mostly from foot traffic before it was moved from the chancel floor near the choir to its current location.  Although there are large cracks in the slab there is also evidence of modern “restoration” which has replaced some of the original alabaster with modern pieces.  The church was renovated during 1894 and 1895 and reopened in 1896, at which time the floor was raised to allow for heating channels to be put in and it is at this time the memorial slab was moved and the restoration damage occurred.

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Anne Reddish (1494 -1548) of Reddish

Barlow Hall Stained Glass

Anne Reddish1 was married to William Kendall (1490 – 1547) of Smisby and they had one son, George Kendall (1527-1566). In William Wryley’s 1592 copy of the visitation of Warwickshire 1569 she is recorded as “Ann dau. of Redishe of Redishe, co. lancs.”  There is no further information readily available in other pedigree works, such as the Harleian, Nichols or Fletcher.  At the time, Reddish was to the south east of Manchester in the County of Lancashire and although there is a pedigree for the family of that name with the armorial bearings of argent a lion rampant gules collared or, there was no obvious candidate for Anne, or mention of the Kendalls in the Reddish pedigree.

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