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Edmond Shepey (d. 1509) – Last Will and Testement

Arms of Shepey:
Azure a cross or fretty gules

(A transcript and copy of the will can be found here.)

Edmond Shepey’s will was written in English on 25 May 1509 and gained probate on 23 November of the same year.    There was an inquest post mortem held in 1510 but details of this are yet to be found.  The executors of the will were named as Edmond’s wife, Anne, and Sir “Rauff” or Ralph Shirley. Through the various religious devotions and bequests to churches around his lands the will provides insight into not only the property owned by Edmond Shepey but also some of his personal alliances.

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The Kendalls of Smisby

The quarterings of the Kendalls of Smisby:
Shepey, Alstre, Reddish, Sacheverell, Kendall, Armstrong, Noel and Pegge.

The Kendalls held the manor at Smisby for just over 150 years which spanned nine generations. However, the Kendall’s history while in the possession of the manor is not readily available and inaccuracies in written pedigrees and the passage of time have clouded their story.

The main sources are the pedigrees provided by the visitations of the Heralds as well as those sources which have elaborated on these, such as Nichols and HJB Kendall. Although it is better not to make assumptions and rely only on primary sources of information, in some cases there is a need to apply some reasoning to make sense of the available information.  This article is a summary account which addresses the main personalities and some historical anomalies.

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